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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother's Day Cupcakes

WOW your Mom on Mother's Day!!!
with our RAINBOW cuppies..!!

So, there you have it… RAINBOW cuppies. But, we can't have Mother's Day without RAINBOW cuppies. I mean they do go hand in hand, right!

Stop the cuteness!

Stop it i say!!!

Don't even look at these cuppies or you'll be hypnotized. Hurry, close your eyes or the next thing you know, you'll have
RAINBOW cuppies popping up on your mom's hand.

I warned you. Enjoy!! ;-)

With only RM20, we offer you:

  • Vanilla or Blueberry flavor cuppies (Choose only one)
  • 5pcs RAINBOW cuppies
  • Silver Box with Purple Ribbon (6"x6"x3")
Click HERE to place your order.

  1. Offer is valid from 20th April till 31st of May ONLY!
  2. Order via "Order Form" ONLY (except for Order more than 5boxes-pls sms/email me 3days in advance)
  3. Pls place your order at least 3days before pick up date
  4. Payment-CIMB Clicks /CIMB Cash Deposit
  5. Colors & flavors for the items are fixed
  6. No additional msgs are allowed

Happy Mother's Day!!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

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